The Importance of Commercial Roof Maintenance

As with houses, the roof is your commercial establishment’s first line of defense. It protects your business—including your customers, employees, equipment, and inventories—from the elements. Make sure that your commercial roofing is taken care of by doing routine roof maintenance.


For your commercial roofing needs, including roof inspection, roof replacements, and roof repair in Milford, OH, and the surrounding areas, rely on Sterling Exteriors. Routine roof maintenance is necessary, as you can actually save a lot more money and time later on. This means that regular maintenance will help in extending the life of your commercial roofing.

Preventive maintenance includes regular inspections and repairs on damaged roofing components. Getting your commercial roofing inspected by a professional is important, as it’s the effective way to know the true condition of your roof. And as most roofing experts will tell you, it should be done at least twice a year—once in the spring, and once in the fall. Your roofing professional should:

  • Check drains and downspouts to make sure that there are no clogs
  • Inspect penetrations and flashings for any gap or tears
  • Check the vents and make sure that they are sealed well
  • Look for any signs of roofing damage
  • Provide a full report on their inspection findings
  • Recommend a repair or replacement solution

At Sterling Exteriors, our skilled and experienced professionals will conduct a full inspection and assessment of your roof’s true condition, and recommend any necessary repairs. We will work with you to develop a scheduled maintenance plan that meets your annual budget needs while addressing issues involving roof integrity and ongoing performance.

Aside from commercial and residential roofing, we also offer other home improvement services such as doors, windows, siding, and outdoor living in Anderson Township, OH, and the surrounding areas.

So if you need any help with commercial or residential structures, you can count on Sterling Exteriors. Give us a call today to get a FREE estimate on your next home or commercial project.