December 2021

Snow Removal for Commercial Roofs: What You Need to Know

December 31, 2021

During winter, you need to watch out for snow piling up on top of your commercial roofing system. While the snowfall may look pretty on your building, too much of it can affect your roof’s performance and structural integrity. Letting it sit on your roof for too long is ill advised for several reasons.

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Why Roof Vents Are Important for Your Home’s Comfort

December 16, 2021

Winter weather can be uncomfortable to say the least, but if your home has a well-maintained roofing system, you can easily stay warm and cozy inside your home. Quality roofs are designed to retain just enough heat to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures thanks to the ventilation system. You might take it for granted, but an […]

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How You Can Benefit From Manufacturer-Certified Roofers

December 09, 2021

A full roof replacement is a big investment that requires careful planning and consideration. The quality of the contractor you hire will determine the outcome of the project. To avoid problems, you need to vet your contractor very carefully.

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