Inspire roofing Tiles
Inspire Roofing Tiles

Tile is among the most durable and environmentally sustainable Hyde Park roofing choices. Most tile roofs have warranties ranging from 40-50 years and are known to last even longer. Sterling Exteriors is the Hyde Park roofing contractor with extensive experience in the installation of composite roof tiles.

Composite Tiles

Composite Roof Tiles offer the look of traditional concrete and clay tiles without the heavy weight and installation challenges. These tiles can offer a beautiful and elegant look for your home without the hassle of traditional clay or concrete tiles. When it comes to tile roofing we use Inspire Roofing Products. Inspire offers a wide array of tile roofing that will complement any home for years to come. Here are some of the benefits of composite tiles:
  • Architectural appeal offers the authentic look of traditional concrete or clay tiles.
  • Efficient installation of tiles with standard roofing tools – no roof reinforcement necessary.
  • Composite material offers superior performance across all temperatures and climate zones – adding unmatched value to your home.
  • Strong and Durable material helps the tiles to look great and perform over the life of your home.

Your Source for Beautiful, Durable Tile Roofing

Sterling Exteriors installs tile roofing Hyde Park residents can rely on for lasting value.

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