August 2022

The Importance of Knowing Your Roof’s Age

August 26, 2022

When you call a roofing company to repair your roof, the team will likely ask about its age or when it was installed. Doing so gives them an idea of what to expect regarding your roof’s condition. It also allows them to prepare for potential issues and determine the best solution to your roofing issue. That said, […]

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6 Biggest Threats to Your Roof

August 17, 2022

Roofing contractors often recommend regular roof inspections – and for good reason. These inspections should be part of routine maintenance to ensure your roof is ready to face the elements. They are also essential in extending your roof’s lifespan.  

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4 Dangers of DIY Roof Repairs

August 10, 2022

DIY home repairs have become immensely popular in recent years. With many television and internet programs showcasing the knowledge of experts, many homeowners can’t help but feel inspired to take on repairs around the house – including roof repairs.  

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