Residential Roofing Series: Asphalt Shingles 101

Shingle style roofing originated in New England. It was a welcome break from the elaborate designs of Victorian homes. Traditionally made from natural wood, shingles now come in more advanced and practical forms.


In this installment of our residential roofing series, we focus on asphalt shingles.


Most asphalt shingles today comprise a fiberglass base mat with an asphalt coating top. The top coat functions as a waterproofing barrier that protects the tab from the elements. The unique combination of mat and coating lends durability to the material, which is why asphalt shingles typically last up from 20 to 30 years. Some advanced options even reach a life span of 50 years. It all depends on the shingle grade and the compatibility of the material to your area’s climate.


One of the greatest things about asphalt shingles or composition shingles is that these can replicate the look of natural wood shakes or slate tabs, typically at a fraction of the cost. No wonder many homeowners prefer this material for their roofing in Cincinnati, OH. Their affordability belies their real beauty, though. GAF, for example, manufactures top-of-the-line architectural shingles. These make lovely investments, especially if you’re looking to enhance the curb appeal of your home.


Asphalt shingles give you the beauty of wood and slate, without the demanding upkeep. From installation to long-term maintenance, you really don’t need much to keep these shingles looking and performing great. Moreover, if you ever need repair or replacement, it’s easy to find contractors who can work on this type of roofing in Newtown, OH.

Sterling Exteriors is the expert you can turn to if you need a better roof. If you own an asphalt roofing system, we can perform emergency repairs on damaged roofs or assist with insurance claims. As we work with top manufacturers such as GAF, you can be sure that we’ll be using only the best techniques and products to service your home.

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