Residential Roofing Series: A Look at Metal Roofs

Your roof is your first line of protection against the elements. It weathers a lot of things everyday—from the rains to the shifting temperature conditions. Much is expected from it and it always pays to invest in the very best. Sterling Exteriors takes a long, hard look at metal roofing—easily one of the most unique and enduring options available—to dissect its unique benefits.


Metal roofing lasts longer

Once installed properly, metal roofing in Cincinnati, OH will last a really, really long time. You can expect their life span to run between 20 to 50 years—almost the lifespan of the home it protects. This makes it a great one time, big time investment. Of course, the caveat there is that you have to properly maintain it in order for it to go all the way.

Metal roofing is durable

This is the reason that this material outlasts its competition—it resists just about everything that can cause a roof to deteriorate. This includes rust and rot, fire and mildew, and a host of other things. It’s also nearly impossible to penetrate, doing away with worries about leaks and other physical damage. It’s the choice for people who don’t want to be constantly worrying about their roofing situation.

Metal roofing is energy-efficient

Of all the options for roofing in Newtown, OH available, metal is the most “cool”. It reflects a lot of the sun’s energy—in the form of UV rays—away from your home and this keep temperatures within very comfortable levels. It also means that you rely less on artificial means to cool and heat your home—lowering what you spend on monthly energy bills.

If you want a roof that protects, goes the distance, keeps you comfortable, and saves you money, then metal roofing is what you’re looking for. Give Sterling Exteriors a call today and we’ll talk to you more about the benefits of this great material.