Tips for Getting the Ideal Outdoor Living Space Design

Are you looking to raise your property’s value? Do you want a relaxing environment that can entertain friends and family? Do you want to have an area where you can enjoy the outdoors? Adding an outdoor living space is a great way to do all of these.

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Outdoor living areas such as covered patios and pergolas are a great way to add more space to your home. To make sure you have the design you’re comfortable with, Sterling Exteriors can lend you a hand. Aside from expert roof repair in Milford, OH, we can also provide you with these tips to help you get the right design:

  • Take your existing infrastructure into account – One of the first things you have to plan for is introducing infrastructure like gas lines, water mains, and electrical work.
  • Consider using different light sources – Having different light sources can help accentuate certain fixtures in your outdoor living space once the sun starts to go down.
  • Find a good focal point – A fireplace or fire pit can be a nice centerpiece for any outdoor activities you may be planning.
  • Use locally grown plants – Using plants native to your area can make it easier to introduce landscaping. These plants have an easier time thriving compared to non-native ones.

If you’re looking for the right company to handle the project, Sterling Exteriors will send our very own in-house outdoor living team led by Cory Toepfert, our outdoor living specialist. During the design phase, we will bring in an architect to help you turn your vision into reality. After the design has been finalized, we will then proceed with construction.

To provide a comprehensive job, we will team up with local landscaping company Bzak to provide you with top quality landscaping. If you’re looking to work on other aspects of your home’s exteriors, we also provide siding in Newtown, OH.

See the wonders and convenience of having an outdoor living space for yourself. Give Sterling Exteriors a call today and learn more about getting the best design for your outdoor living spaces.