Important Questions to Ask Your Contractor

When it comes to Cincinnati, OH, roofing, homeowners have myriad options in their contractors. Although many claim to be “the best,” quality often shows in more ways than talk alone. If you want to be certain you’re working with a stand-up roofer, be sure to ask him or her the following four questions.

When Did You Get Your License?

This question reveals two important things. First, it lets you know your roofing company does in fact have a license. A license is issued by the state of Ohio and certifies that a roofer has met all requirements necessary to work. Next, the answer to this question can also give you insight as to how long your roofer has not only been on the job, but also working in the area.

Do You Carry Insurance?

If you’re dealing with roof repair in Cincinatti, OH, the last thing you want to worry about is more damage. Protect your physical, emotional, and financial well being by confirming that your contractor carries a current insurance policy. This frees you of any liability for accidents that happen on your property, including any ensuing medical bills.

Can I Expect Subcontractors at my House?

Working with subcontractors is not necessarily the sign of a subpar roofing company, but you may feel deceived if you weren’t expecting others. Asking your contractor up front if he or she relies on subcontractors lets you know what to expect the day your project starts.

What Do Past Customers Say?

The best glimpse into the quality and reputation of a contractor is the testimonials of past customers. Look to confirm your roofer not only did a quality job, but also that he or she was a breeze to work with. Even the savviest roofer can be a pain to work with when customer satisfaction doesn’t matter.

By asking these questions, you can confirm you’ve hired a great contractor for residential or commercial roofing in Cincinnati, OH.