Why Replace Your Roof

3 Advantages of Starting Over With a New Roof

A total roof replacement in Mariemont is no minor job. While the process can seem daunting and expensive compared to making minor repairs, there are also many great advantages to starting fresh with a new roof. From ceasing the cycle of repairs to enjoying a lift in efficiency, here are some of the best advantages of tearing out your old roof.

1. Turn a Lengthy List of Repairs Into One Job

When a roof starts to push its age limit or has experienced significant damage, the list of repairs and the costs that go with them can start to add up. Even with the best roof repair in Hyde Park, unfortunately, problems can continue to come back. Instead of constantly paying for parts, you may get more value out of a new roof altogether.

2. Get a Boost in Efficiency Around the House

One of the best perks of replacing your roof is the lift in efficiency you’ll notice around your home. Modern roofs provide exceptional insulation and keep hot air outside. This means you will see a reduction in your monthly cooling bill as your air conditioner works less hard to meet demands.

 3. Promote Health and Safety

If it has been more than 15 years since you tore out your old roof, you can almost certainly expect to find mold in its nooks and crannies. The dark and damp spaces between shingles provide excellent grounds for mold growth, especially if you have experienced water damage through the years. Beyond being hazardous to your health, mold can also pose a threat to the structural soundness of your roof. Replacing it with a fresh roof lets you breathe easy and ensures the safety of everyone in your house.

These are just some of the best incentives to talk to your roofing contractor in Terrace Park about installing a new roof.