Essential Things to Consider When Choosing a Roof Color

You need to make several decisions when planning your roof replacement project. One of which is choosing a color. While it seems easy, selecting the right hue for your roof isn’t as simple as you think. Keep in mind that it isn’t something you can easily alter if you change your mind.  

Essential Things to Consider When Choosing a Roof Color

Consider these things when choosing a roof color. 

The Style of Your Home

Your home’s style is one of the first things you should consider when choosing a roof color. Experts recommend going with the same material as your old roof. Roofing contractors usually select the ideal roof material and style for a home’s architectural structure and color palette. 

Other Home Exterior Components

Before settling on a roof color, keep other parts of your home in consideration. Choose hues that complement your siding, doors, windows and other exterior components. For instance, if your home’s dominant color is cream or beige, brown or warm gray roofing shingles will go well with it. If you have a red brick home, consider deep gray, black or dark brown shingles. 

Your Neighborhood

Do you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association (HOA)? If so, there might be rules regarding which colors you can choose for your home’s exterior. Even if you’re not in an HOA community, you still need to be mindful of your neighbors’ homes. Choose a roof color that goes well with the houses around yours. It doesn’t necessarily mean selecting a hue that’s the same as the home next to you, but just make sure they blend well together. 

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