How Do You Deal With a Sagging Roofing System?

roofing system in good condition has slopes that appear even. If you notice that your roof is starting to sag or appear at an odd angle, you must have it professionally inspected immediately. Sagging is an issue you should never take lightly. It usually occurs due to poor structural support or because your roof is reaching the end of its life.  

How Do You Deal With a Sagging Roofing System?

Keep reading for tips on how to deal with a sagging roof. 

What Causes Roofs to Sag?

Added weight or load on the roof can compromise its structural integrity and cause sagging. During winter, the weight of snow and ice can strain your roof. Your roof can warp or deteriorate faster because of high winds and having multiple layers of shingles. Moreover, structural problems due to poor design and installation can result in sagging. Other common causes of this problem include aging and damage to support systems like walls and foundations. 

What Can You Do About It?

The best solution for a sagging roof depends on how severe the issue is. Roofing contractors usually bolster and beef up the framing internally. However, if a roof replacement is necessary, the better route is to get a new sheathing and larger rafters since the frames are already exposed. 

If the sagging of your roof is severe due to framing issues, you should consult an expert. Changes in the original structure of the roof are always best left to the hands of professionals. An experienced contractor can safely assess a sagging roof and determine the ideal way to fix it. 

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