Choosing Colors for Metal Roofs

In terms of style, coating and overall appeal, metal roofing systems have come a long way from the monochromatic and corrugated galvanized iron sheets of the past. Today, you can expect to choose from a wide palette of colors for your metal roof and an even wider variety of coats that help improve its performance, energy efficiency and life span.

Choosing Colors for Metal Roofs

While all these new choices are great, they also make it tough to make a decision. Let our roofing specialists at Sterling Exteriors give you a few important pointers on how to choose the right colors for your metal roof.

Consider Your Existing Style

It’s a bad idea to choose roofing colors as a standalone feature of your home’s overall appeal. You have to take into consideration other existing elements such as your siding, your doors and windows, and the trims and finishes that make up your exteriors.

Complements and Contrasts

Your roof is 50% of your home’s curb appeal. This means your aesthetic should be defined by your choice of roof color and not the other way around. However, for roof replacements, this may not be the case. So to narrow down your list of color options, you can go for two of the most reliable design concepts in architecture: complements and contrasts.

First, you want your roofing to offer a stark contrast to the frames and trims of your windows and doors. If they are bright colors like cream or off-white, go for a darker shade of roofing like dark brown or even black. For darker window frames, take the opposite route in roof colors.

Finally, you want your siding textures to complement your roofing color and patterns. Flat colors in your cladding should be complemented by intricate roof patterns such as those provided by metal roof shingles. Alternatively, use a solid-colored roof for shingled siding patterns.

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