4 Best Flooring Materials for a Lovelier Patio

Picking the perfect patio flooring can be overwhelming. You will need to find a material that blends with your interior and design a layout that chimes with your surrounding landscape.

4 Best Flooring Materials for a Lovelier Patio

To narrow down your options, Sterling Exteriors, your trusted siding contractor, lists the top four flooring materials that will help you achieve your desired aesthetic:

1. Flagstone

Flagstone is a popular option for patios and front entries. It comes in irregular shapes, which adds visual interest to your outdoor living space. It features a slightly roughened surface, making it less slippery. Material options include sandstone, bluestone, limestone and quartzite.

2. Concrete

Versatile and adaptable, concrete’s mixture of sand, cement, gravel, and water provides more options than other patio flooring materials. Concrete is robust and easy to maintain, plus it can suit any surface shape.

You can be as creative as you like when it comes to designing concrete for your outdoor living area. Some of the finishes you can choose are smooth, tinted, stamped and painted. You can also decorate it with inlays or surface it with other materials, like pebbles.

3. Brick

If you want a neat, classic look, opt for brick. This sturdy and long-lasting material is manufactured by firing a combination of clay and other materials in a kiln. It can be used for both formal and rustic landscapes, and can be installed along with pathways, walls and edging. Well-known patterns include jack-on-jack and herringbone.

4. Tile

Unglazed ceramic tiles work best for patio floors because they provide traction, making sure the patio floor is safe to walk on when wet. Many people opt for porcelain because it’s stain-resistant. Terracotta is also a great choice because of its rustic beauty. To maintain and improve tile’s natural color, it’s essential to seal or coat it promptly.

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