Common Concrete Problems and How to Resolve Them

No other construction material is as ubiquitous as concrete. This versatile blend of hardened minerals is used in a number of applications from building up walls as fiber cement siding, setting up piers and foundations and even as tiles in roofing systems. However, for all its advantages, concrete not without a few weaknesses.

Luckily, with proper care and maintenance, you can avoid some of the most common problems that concrete faces. Let our experts at Sterling Exteriors walk you through a few ways you can keep concrete parts of your home in good shape.

Cracking and Crazing

Crazing occurs as fine cracks on concrete surfaces. These interconnected cracks can lead to even bigger problems such as cracking. If your concrete roof tiles are showing signs of crazing, you may want to contact roof repair services right away to replace affected tiles.

You can lessen crazing and cracking problems by making sure that you give the cement ample time to cure fully before continuing any construction. During this time, keep the slab covered and well-protected from sources of moisture as this may weaken the cement mixture and cause the concrete to become brittle.

Curling Problems

Like most materials, concrete is also prone to the periodic expansion and contraction caused by changes in the temperature. Improperly placed joints can experience curling at the edges when exposed to the stress and strain of this constant movement. Avoid this problem by using the largest aggregate size recommended for your project. Minimize the moisture content by using water-reducing additives when blending the cement mixture. Finally, a good and sturdy steel brace reinforcement should also lessen the heat-induced expansion of the concrete slabs.

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