5 Home Improvements for Better Outdoor Living Spaces

While many homeowners focus on renovations aimed at addressing basic necessities like roof repair, you should also consider projects that help improve the comfort, functionality and beauty of your outdoor living space. Here are our recommendations for projects that can improve your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Living Spaces

  1. Patio Doors: A new patio door offers so many benefits: it connects your indoor and outdoor spaces, lets ample amounts of natural light into your home and adds accessibility. It’s important to choose energy-efficient products to minimize heat loss that could lead to high energy bills. Sterling Exteriors offers energy-efficient patio door options from leading manufacturer Polaris.

  2. Patio Covers: For a quick and easy project that works with any deck or outdoor space, choose patio covers. They complement your patio doors, protect your deck from the elements and give you ample flexibility when choosing patio decor and furniture. There are several patio cover styles that fit patios of all shapes and sizes, including pergolas, retractable awnings and free-standing patio covers.

  3. Fiber Cement Siding: New siding dramatically improves your exterior and can be the element that visually ties your outdoor living space together with the rest of your home. There are several siding options available that will fit every budget and design requirement, from vinyl to fiber cement siding. Sterling Exteriors is a Vinyl Siding Institute contractor and also offers James Hardie fiber cement siding.

  4. Outdoor Kitchen: If you love having friends over for backyard parties, an outdoor kitchen would be a great addition. You can entertain your friends by having all preparations and cooking done in the backyard – no need to shuttle to and from the kitchen. Plus, an outdoor kitchen will last longer than standalone barbecue grills.

  5. Landscaping: Few home improvement projects reflect the homeowner’s taste and style better than landscaping. Not only does landscaping improve your outdoor living space, but it also boosts your home’s curb appeal. For all your landscaping needs, we have partnered with Bzak Landscaping, the leading landscaping experts in Cincinnati.

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