Roof Insurance Claims for Storm Damage: Pitfalls to Avoid

One of the more complicated aspects of dealing with roofing damage after a storm is filing an insurance claim. This can be a source of frustration if you discover you’re only eligible for partial coverage or, worse, none at all. Here are some of the things you should avoid so you may expect better insurance coverage for storm damage repairs.

Roof Insurance

Avoid: Not Knowing Your Policy Exclusions

Ask your insurance representative to explain your policy exclusions, and make sure the paperwork matches what you have discussed. Coverage for roof damage varies widely depending on the plan and provider. Some insurance policies do not include coverage for certain materials like slate, recycled shakes or green roofing. Your roof’s age may also be a factor, as it is often impractical for insurance companies to cover a roof that’s at the end of its projected service life.

Avoid: Neglecting Roofing Maintenance

Roofing maintenance plays a big part not just in your roofing upkeep and long-term performance, but also in your insurance coverage. Insurance claims often get denied because of improper maintenance. Also, most roofing warranties explicitly state that roofing maintenance is a requirement or the warranty will be voided. We recommend inspecting your roof regularly – at least twice a year – and having a professional perform maintenance and repairs as often as prescribed by your roofing warranty.

Avoid: Not Calling Your Insurance Agent Immediately After a Storm

The ideal post-storm situation is that you should have both a roofing contractor and an insurance representative present before the repair work begins. The contractor will assess the roof’s condition and provide a quote for the repair costs; the insurance representative will then witness the roofer’s work and document the damage for their records. Dealing with this yourself can take a long time, but having a contractor that has experience working with insurance companies and adjusters makes the process much easier, letting you focus on the safety of your family.

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