Important Things to Prepare Before Your Roof Replacement

Once you’ve hired a roofing contractor and chosen a roofing material for your replacement job, you can expect a crew of professionals to arrive at your home and start the construction process soon. To ensure a smoother replacement process, it pays to prepare your home. Sterling Exteriors, the local roofing expert, suggests following these tips before your replacement.

Roof Replacement

Exterior Preparations

As most of the work will be outdoors, move your patio furniture and potted plants away from the house. Our team needs clear access to your roof. Moving such items away from the house helps keep them safe as well. While work is ongoing, wear protective gear and footwear when venturing near the worksite.

Interior Preparations

Your home’s interior will be affected during the replacement process, as well. The ongoing construction can cause dust and debris to settle in your home. Protect your belongings by covering your furniture, bedding and clothing with cloth or plastic sheeting. You may also want to remove pictures and artwork from the walls as the construction might cause them to fall. As experienced roofing contractors, we’ll take extra steps to ensure your home’s protection.

Personal Preparations

Apart from the quality of work, Sterling Exteriors considers your family’s safety as our top priority. There are times, however, when accidents do happen. This is why your children or pets should not be allowed near the construction site, even when nobody is working.

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