4 Signs Your Roof Is Suffering From Water Damage

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements, which means it’s constantly experiencing wear and tear. One issue that you need to look out for is water damage, which can be tricky to spot.

In this post, roofing and outdoor living experts from Sterling Exteriors list the four different signs that your roof is suffering from water damage.

1. Spongy Decking – When you’re trying to determine if your roof has suffered from water damage, consider having a professional examine your roof’s decking from the attic. If the decking is spongy and soft, it’s a clear sign that your roof has been suffering from water damage for a while now and will have to be replaced soon.

2. Sagging Ceiling – Another sign of water damage to your roof is a sagging ceiling. If your ceiling is curving downward, this is a strong indicator that it has suffered from excessive water buildup. As such, your roof’s structural integrity has likely been severely compromised and it may even collapse if left unattended. If you notice that your home has a sagging ceiling, call a roof repair to rectify the issue immediately.

3. Corrosion – Your roof’s framing is usually held together by fasteners and connectors. Since these materials are often made of metal, they’re vulnerable to corrosion once they’re exposed to moisture. As such, if your roofer notices that these fasteners and connectors are corroding, it’s a sign that your roof is suffering from water damage.

4. Mold Growth – Moisture infiltration often leads to mold growth around your home. If you notice any mold growing around your ceiling and walls, call a roofer to inspect your roof for water damage.

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