Factors That Make a Good Metal Roof Installation

When it comes to roofing materials, metal is steadily becoming one of the most popular materials for homeowners. This is because not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also affordable and energy-efficient. However, reaping the benefits of a metal roof is only possible if it’s installed properly.

Here are the factors that make a good metal roof installation:


Getting the slope right is critical in a metal roof installation. This is because with the proper slope, metal roofs will be able to shed water efficiently, allowing your home to avoid water damage as a result. The recommended slope for metal roofs is in excess of 2 ½:12. However, slopes of ¼:12 can also work. If you use a lower slope, the roof’s weatherproofing capacity might be limited.


If you decide to go for a low slope application, you need to ensure that the roof has the right kind of waterproofing at the seams, penetrations and fasteners. This is because these areas of your roofing system are vulnerable to water infiltration and as such, inadequate waterproofing can lead to leaks around your property.

Proper Knowledge, Experience and Training

The most important factor in a successful metal roof installation is the competence of the roofer you hire.  In fact, most metal roofing system failures occur because of workmanship errors and improper design. As such, if you want to install a metal roof in your home, be sure to hire an expert who’s experienced at installing metal roofs. That way, the roof will be properly installed and you can prevent your roof from suffering from early damage.

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