How Heat and Humidity Can Affect Your Roofing System

Heat and humidity are two of your roofing system’s greatest enemies. To understand how heat and humidity can damage your roof, trusted roofing expert Sterling Exteriors explains what you need to know:

How Heat and Humidity Can Be Problematic

Intense heat causes wood roof rafters, joists, support beams and decking to stretch, expand, crack and break. This allows water to seep into your home which can lead to mold and mildew problems. The heat from the sun’s rays also gets trapped into your home’s attic or crawlspace and can cause roof nails to pop as well as shingles to curl, shrink and even blister.

Moisture can also damage your roofing system and the wood materials used in its structure. It can accumulate as condensation when it gets trapped in your attic or crawl space then leads to mold forming on the roof rafters and floor joists. This in turn leads to wood rot as it weakens the plywood roof sheathing and separates it.

Preventive Measures

Repair any problems with your roof as soon as possible. Never postpone a roof repair, as it the cost of repairing it will only increase over time as the damage inevitably worsens. You may even wind up needing a complete roof replacement, which could have been avoided had the problem been addressed sooner. 

A proper attic ventilation system also minimizes the effects of heat and humidity on your roof. Without proper air circulation and roof venting, mold will begin to grow on interior surfaces, with the condensation dripping from the roof to your ceiling and causing water damage.

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