What to Do During a Roofing Emergency

Storm damage to your roof usually constitutes an emergency. This can be overwhelming to deal with–between coordinating the emergency repairs and filing a claim with your insurance company. Fortunately, you can mitigate the stress by planning ahead so you know what to do in case your roof does sustain sudden storm damage.

What Constitutes a Roof Emergency?

When the damage to a roof is bad enough that the system’s ability to protect your home from water is compromised, that’s an emergency. Strong storms, fires and even animals can all cause roofing emergencies.

When Should You Call a Roofer?

You should call a roofer immediately if your roof has a leak. You don’t want animals and other pests to use that as a doorway to your home. The weather might also change, exposing your home to rain, snow or debris.

If a leak develops during a storm, call your roofer immediately. They’ll probably provide a temporary cover (such as a tarp) to prevent further water damage in your home. They will then schedule a permanent repair when the weather is better.

What Should You Expect During an Emergency Roof Repair?

First of all, get your family to safety. In case of a fire, call 911 immediately and wait for firefighters in a safe area away from the fire. Call your insurance provider as soon as possible.

Remember that the roof is already damaged, so do your best to keep everyone calm. In the aftermath of a storm, be wary of so called “storm chasers” who may stop by your home uninvited and offer to repair the damage, only to do a subpar job and then disappear without a trace. They’re just out to get your money. Instead, turn to an experienced, local roofer for repairs.

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