How You Can Protect Your Roof Against Winter Storm Damage

With winter on the way, it’s important to do everything you can to protect your roofing system from storm damage in the coming months. The colder weather can take a toll on your roof, but with the right preparations you can help minimize the risk of damage. In this post, roofing expert Sterling Exteriors shares how you can protect your roof against winter storm damage.

 Protect Your Roof Against Winter Storm Damage

  1. Keep an Eye Out for Impending Storms

Paying attention to the weather forecast allows you to prepare your home for severe weather. Before winter arrives, schedule a professional roof inspection. You should also schedule an inspection after a winter storm hits your area. If any damage is found, don’t delay repairs.

  1. Conduct a Visual Inspection

When inspecting your roof from the ground, keep an eye out for cracks and weak points in your siding and roofing systems. Even minor flaws on the roof’s surface can pave the way for more serious damage, potentially requiring premature roof replacement. Contact your roofer as soon as possible for a complete inspection.

  1. Defend Your Roof Against Winter Hazards

Check to see whether the branches of a nearby tree are getting too close to your roof during your visual assessment. If this is the case, have them cut right away. Otherwise, they may gather a hazardous load of snow, which can be dumped on your roof during a storm, causing damage. In addition, you need to clean your gutters. A stack of leaves in your gutters can cause standing water to freeze, leading to serious roofing issues.

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