How Does Proper Ventilation Keep Your Roof in Good Shape?

Summer days can get hot and unbearable at times. But with a good roof, you should stay cool and comfortable inside especially if it has adequate ventilation. Any well-built roof will have a proper ventilation system after all, as it helps it stay in good condition. It also helps improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort! To understand its importance, roofing and siding contractor Sterling Exteriors explains what you need to know:

roof repair ventilation

How It Works

Roof ventilation refers to the circulation of air within a home or commercial property. During the summer months, it helps naturally push out the hot and stuffy air in your home while letting in the cool and fresh air. But for this to work properly, it has to be installed and maintained by an experienced roofing contractor. There are two types of roof vents that are used in a proper roof ventilation system:

  • Intake Vents – These are designed to let in outdoor air into your home. The fresh air enters your interiors through intake vents which are found along the lowest eave or near soffits of your roof. They need to be free of any obstruction such as your insulation or any debris as they’re necessary for the free movement of air.
  • Exhaust Vents – These are installed on the highest points of your roof such as the assembly ridge. They’re designed to let out the rising hot air building up in your attic. And just like intake vents, they need to be free of blockage to stay fully effective. They must also be correctly installed by a professional roof repair and replacement contractor so that insects or pests won’t get in your roof.

Why It’s Important For Your Home

  • It Keeps Your Roof Intact – With proper roof ventilation, hot air won’t build up in your attic. This not only keeps your home comfortable but your roof in good condition as well. Otherwise, the hot and humid air will cause rot and other damage to your inner roofing structure, making it deteriorate at a faster rate.
  • It Reduces Moisture – The hot and humid air can cause mold and mildew to grow in your attic if it’s not properly ventilated. When it builds up over time, the mold growth can affect your HVAC ventilation system which can lead to health issues later on.

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