Best Questions to Ask During a Roof Inspection

It’s important to have regular roof inspections to keep your roofing system in its best condition. It’s also equally important to ask questions about your roofing system during the inspection to help you fully grasp the condition of your roofing system. Here are some of the key questions you should ask during a residential roof inspection.

Ask During a Roof Inspection

“How Old Is my Roof?”

This is an important question to ask if you’ve bought your home from the previous owner since you may not know the exact age of the roofing system. The average asphalt shingle roofing system can last around 20 to 30 years, depending on the installation methods used, quality of the materials, along with the frequency of maintenance. Knowing these things will help you determine when you will likely need to replace your roof.

“Is the Ventilation System in Good Shape?”

Roofing contractors always emphasize the importance of attic ventilation and its impact on your roof’s health. This system allows moisture out of your home and draws in fresh air to circulate around your living space. If ventilation isn’t sufficient or if it is faulty, you could face moisture-related issues like mold growth. Make sure that you consult your residential roofer to see if your vents need to be swapped out.

“Are There Any Serious Issues That Need to be Fixed?”

Once the inspection is done, your roofing contractor will provide a detailed breakdown of their findings to you. If there are some issues that need to be remedied immediately, such as curling shingles or loose flashing, they will recommend an appropriate solution.

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