3 Top Causes of Roof Leaks During Winter

The winter months can take a serious toll on your roofing system. One of the most common winter roofing problems is leaking. There are numerous causes of roofing leaks, but there are some causes that specifically happen during the winter months. In this post, Sterling Exteriors, a top local roofing company, shares three of them here.

Roof Leaks During Winter

Ice Dams

The top cause of roofing leaks during the winter months is ice damming. If your roofing system has poor insulation and ventilation, the warm temperatures trapped within your attic cause snow on your roof to melt, drip down the roof and refreeze in the gutters, leading to ice dams. Once the ice dams start to melt during the warmer time of the day, they will refreeze at night. In turn, this causes the freezing water to back up into the shingles, eventually leading to roofing leaks.

Plumbing Leaks

If you find out that the roofing leaks are close to one of your water supply or drain pipe lines, it was most likely caused by faulty plumbing. This can happen due to failing shower pans, overflowing bathtubs and poor caulking near your toilets. Keep in mind that water can travel numerous feet away from the source before it finds an opening and wreaks havoc. Make sure that you contact your local plumber to have your lines inspected for any issues.

Exhaust Vent Condensation

This problem stems from frost accumulation within an exhaust vent, especially for bath vent ducts that travel through an unheated attic. It’s important to have a thorough roof inspection to get to the root cause of the issue. In most cases, exhaust vent condensation starts in the bathroom.

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