Asphalt Shingle Color: Does It Matter?

Homeowners may wonder if the color of their roofing shingles matters. The color of your roof, like any other aspect of your home, plays a vital role in your property. We’ll tell you more about it in this post. 

Asphalt Shingle Color: Does It Matter?

According to experts, the color of your roofing shingles impacts the temperature of your home’s interior. Roofs with darker colors absorb more heat from the sun than roofs with lighter colors. The lighter your shingles are, the more sunshine they may reflect. On the other hand, a dark-colored roof may lose heat more quickly at night than a lighter-colored roof.

Things to Consider

As homeowners, it can be challenging to choose a color for your new shingles. To help you decide, here are some concerns you should take note of before making a selection:

  • Roofing professionals typically recommend light shingle colors if you live in an area with a lot of heat and sun. This is because a light-colored roof reflects the sun’s heat more effectively. With less heat being absorbed into your living spaces, your HVAC system won’t have to work hard to keep you comfortable – allowing you to save money on your utility costs.
  • A dark-colored roof can make your home feel warmer – which is a good thing during winter or if you live in a cold-climate region. Another benefit of dark shingles is that they aid in melting snow. If you want your home to have a dramatic look, dark-hued shingles can do the trick. Lighter, softer tones are usually better at creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

The Verdict

In general, quality is the top consideration when choosing asphalt shingles. Whether you select light- or dark-colored shingles, your roof should have a good design and working components to ensure it performs well year-round. If you’re keen on getting dark shingles even if you live in a warm climate, make sure you have adequate insulation to keep the heat out. Consult and hire a trusted roofing contractor, and make sure to use durable materials.

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