4 Roof-Related Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home

When buying a new house, most people prepare a checklist of questions to ask the seller. This may include questions about heating and cooling systems, the electrical panels or the exterior siding. However, many forget to ask about the roof. Given its importance in terms of weather protection and aesthetic appeal, it should be given top priority when you go shopping for a home.  

4 Roof-Related Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home

The following are some of the roof-related questions you can ask a home seller and the reason to include each in your list.

1. How Old Is the Roof?

First, you should ask about the age of the roof. Knowing how old the roof is will help you understand potential issues in the long run. If it’s nearing the end of its service life, it’s more prone to damage and leaks. It can also influence homeowner insurance costs and whether an insurance company will write a new policy on the property or not. Be sure to ask the previous homeowner for documentation.

Apart from the age, you should also ask about the type of material was used to make the roof. The roofing material affects its durability and longevity. Asphalt shingles may last for 20 years, for instance, while clay tiles tend to have a longer lifespan.

2. Who Installed the Roof?

If the home sellers are the one who hired the roofing company for the installation, they can give you the name. Contact the roofer, and get to know the person’s background and experience. This way, you can determine if they are qualified and trustworthy enough. If they are, it will help you feel more comfortable with what you’re investing in. Otherwise, get in touch with a different roofer in your area and schedule an inspection. 

3. When Was the Roof Last Inspected?

The roof may still be fairly new, but you should still have it inspected. The weather from previous years might have done a number on it, which is why you want to make sure it is still intact and in good condition. Find out from the previous homeowner when the roof was last inspected. If it has been years since, contact your roof repair contractor as soon as possible.

4. Is the Roof’s Warranty Transferable?

New roofs can still sustain damage, which is why most homeowners invest in a warranty to cover certain manufacturing defects. However, not all warranties are transferable to a new owner when a house is sold. Thus, ask the seller to provide a copy of the roof warranty to confirm whether it’s transferable.

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