4 Dangers of DIY Roof Repairs

DIY home repairs have become immensely popular in recent years. With many television and internet programs showcasing the knowledge of experts, many homeowners can’t help but feel inspired to take on repairs around the house – including roof repairs.  

4 Dangers of DIY Roof Repairs

However, your roofing requires a certain level of expertise since it’s a complex system made up of several components. That said, DIY roof repairs aren’t as easy and safe as they seem. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t try to fix your roof yourself.

1. Added Expenses

DIY roofing can increase the cost of repairs or replacement because of any small error you might commit. Remember that professional roofers went through proper training and have enough experience to correctly nail a shingle and ensure that the shingles are spaced adequately. They also have several connections with local suppliers that can guarantee quality products and sometimes even discounted rates.

Some of these roofers also have certification from the roofing manufacturers, meaning they went through additional training to learn the correct installation methods and ensure exceptional workmanship. 

2. Safety Hazards

Ladders and scaffolding must be properly used to avoid accidents. Having the right tools and equipment is also important to ensure that every task is done safely. Imagine sourcing all these materials and equipment for a DIY roof repair – you’d probably spend more because of these expenses. And since you don’t have the proper training to use these things, you run the risk of injuring yourself while working on your roof.

3. Warranty Issues

Typically, manufacturers state in their warranty terms that only qualified roofing professionals can install, repair and maintain their products. If you touch your roof and perform DIY repairs on it, this will likely void your warranty. In the event your roof gets damaged due to your mistake, you can’t count on your warranty to cover for the repair expenses.

4. Delayed Work

Roof work takes time, especially if you’re an untrained DIYer. It might take you days or weeks to finish a repair when a professional can accomplish the same task for a shorter time. Keep in mind that the more time you spend on a roof repair, the higher the costs you’ll incur. You can avoid these added costs by contacting a professional roofer.

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