Why Roof Vents Are Important for Your Home’s Comfort

Winter weather can be uncomfortable to say the least, but if your home has a well-maintained roofing system, you can easily stay warm and cozy inside your home. Quality roofs are designed to retain just enough heat to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures thanks to the ventilation system. You might take it for granted, but an adequate ventilation system is crucial if you want your roof to perform as expected. 

 Roof Vents

To understand more about your home’s roof ventilation system, our outdoor living and maintenance experts at Sterling Exteriors share some insight below:

What Are Roof Vents?

Roof vents line up the top and bottom parts of your roof to promote natural air circulation inside your home. To work properly, they have to be installed and maintained by an experienced roofing contractor. A professional will know how to determine whether you have enough intake or exhaust vents for an adequate ventilation system.

Intake vents are found along the lowest eave or near soffits and are designed to let in fresh outdoor air into your home. Meanwhile, stuffy indoor air is released from your home through the exhaust vents, which are installed on the highest points of your roof such as the assembly ridge. 

Why Your Roof Needs Vents

The intake and exhaust vents are sometimes overlooked components of the roofing system. Both play a role in maintaining proper air quality and comfort indoors. They also prevent frequent roof repair jobs that could cost a fortune in the long run! But they need to be free of any obstruction to ensure they can maintain proper air circulation. That means they should be free of excess insulation and debris.

With adequate roofing ventilation, your home will naturally maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. This takes the burden off your HVAC system, resulting in less energy consumption and lower utility bills. Just make sure to have roof vents inspected regularly by a trusted professional so that you can maintain lower utility bills and improve indoor air quality.

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