Why Roof Deck Replacement is Better Than Repairs

The asphalt shingles are the most visible part of the roofing system–and the ones that take the brunt of weather damage. That’s why it’s understandable that most homeowners would focus on them first. But under those shingles is the roof deck, which requires the same amount of attention, given the crucial role it plays in keeping your system leak-free. The roof deck refers to the layer of plywood or composite material installed between the roof structure and the shingles.

roof decking

Its primary function is to connect the rafters or trusses that form the roof structure, offering a way to anchor the shingles and the nails holding them together. But while the deck is located under the shingles, there’s still a chance that it will sustain damage. 

Warning Signs of Roof Deck Damage

The most common reason for roof deck damage is water exposure. When rainwater somehow passes through the roofing shingles and the underlayment, it will end up absorbed by the decking material. The issue is represented by the following indications:

  • Leaks
  • Water stains on interior walls and ceilings
  • Mold growth and mildew
  • Rot in the roof structure, weakening its integrity

Why Repair is Not a Good Idea

Now most would assume that prompt repair would be the correct solution, but that’s not the case. To keep your roofing system intact, deck replacement is the better fix instead of repair work. That’s because moisture damage to the material has already developed. Even if the affected boards are replaced (leaving the undamaged ones intact) there’s still no guarantee the rot won’t reach them, as well. A moldy or rotting deck can lead only to further deterioration, which will cost even more to correct, so you should have it replaced promptly instead of trying your luck with repairs.

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