Why Pro Roofers Use GAF Products

If you’re planning to upgrade your home’s exterior, you can start with a new roof. Out of all the available options for your project, you’ll find that GAF roofing can provide the best of both worlds in terms of aesthetics and durability. Roofing and siding expert Sterling Exteriors explains more.

Why Pro Roofers Use GAF Products

What Is GAF Roofing?

Founded in 1886, GAF is North America’s largest residential and commercial roofing material manufacturer. It offers many roofing options, such as asphalt shingles, membrane systems, and more, to ensure a resilient and attractive roof for years.

Benefits of GAF Roofing

The following are some of the notable benefits of GAF roofing products:

  • Extensive Selections. Our roof repair and replacement team is GAF-certified, allowing for more and better roofing solutions for our customers. The brand has a wide selection of asphalt shingles, along with other important components like ice and water barriers, underlayment and attic ventilation. Since the pricing of these products are tiered, you can design a new GAF roofing system that matches your needs and budget.
  • Superior Roofing Products. GAF roofing systems are known for their reliable and long-lasting performance, giving homeowners and their families peace of mind that they’ll be safe and dry through the seasons. Not only that, but our asphalt shingles come in a wide variety of colors, profiles and thicknesses. Some even mimic the look of authentic roofing materials like slate and wood shakes. Others have reflective properties to minimize heat buildup in the attic, thus lowering the cooling requirements of households.
  • Top-Notch Warranties. With a GAF roof, you can also rest assured that it has an additional layer of protection through industry-leading warranties like Golden Pledge®. This exclusive warranty provides 50-year warranty coverage for materials and 25-year warranty coverage for workmanship.

Sterling Exteriors’ Expertise in GAF Roof Installation

Sterling Exteriors sells and installs GAF roofing products. As a certified installer, you can rest easy knowing that it will last for years to come and it is backed by our own warranty. A GAF roof is best known for its high-quality weather protection, and has a style that perfectly matches any type of home architecture. 

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