Why Out-of-Town Roofers Are Not Recommended

Major roofing projects aren’t exactly cheap. That’s why homeowners tend to look for the most affordable contractors to address their concerns. Out-of-town roofers typically offer lower-priced services, but there are several disadvantages to hiring them — some of which can significantly affect your roof’s quality and performance. 

Why Out-of-Town Roofers Are Not Recommended

Here’s why out-of-town roofing companies are not recommended.

Storm Chasers

If your area was recently hit by a storm, then you can expect these out-of-town roofers to visit your area and offer seemingly cheaper services than your local roofing companies. These roofers got their name as they track storms and immediately visit affected areas after the storm passes by. They’re notorious in the roofing industry as they are known to provide unreliable services and subpar workmanship. Moreover, they usually skip town the moment they finish jobs and get paid, making it impossible for clients to hold them accountable for shoddy workmanship.

Roofing Scams

Some out-of-town roofing companies demand a down payment before they provide their services, and this method of transaction is known in the roofing community as a scam. They go door-to-door in communities, and they usually target unknowing homeowners who need immediate repairs as they are more vulnerable. Once they get the money, they disappear without actually providing the services they were paid to do. To avoid being caught in these scams, we recommend hiring local roofers instead that have real office addresses and a reputable background.

Poor Cost-Effectiveness

Most out-of-town roofers offer cheaper services than your local roofing companies. This may seem like a smarter choice, but the cheap roofing services they provide come at a high price. While their rates are cheaper, the materials and workmanship they provide are usually subpar and can lead to early roof failure and other issues. Trusted local roofing companies, on the other hand, can provide you with greater cost-effectiveness in terms of service rates and material quality.

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