Why Do Asphalt Shingles Blister?

Blistering is a common problem with asphalt roofing. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent it or mitigate its effects on your roof. Continue reading to find out why asphalt shingles blister and what you can do to address it.

What Are Asphalt Shingle Blisters?

Asphalt shingle blisters typically look like small, bubbled areas or spots on your roof’s surface. They occur when pockets of air or moisture gets trapped within the shingle during the manufacturing process. These blisters might not always pose an immediate threat, but they can significantly impact your roof’s durability over time.

Common Causes of Asphalt Shingle Blisters

While manufacturing defects are sometimes to blame, other common causes include moisture and poor ventilation. Moisture can get trapped in your shingles either during installation or due to changes in weather. Similarly, poor ventilation prevents heat from escaping, causing trapped moisture to expand and create blisters on your shingles.

How Blistering Can Be Prevented

Understanding how blistering can be prevented or fixed can help keep your roof in tip-top shape. Be sure to keep your roof properly ventilated as this will keep excess moisture from building up and causing the shingles to blister. Additionally, you should have your roof regularly inspected by professionals. Any existing blisters should be treated with a patching material before they get any worse. 

The Impact of Blistering on Your Roof’s Lifespan

Blistered shingles can reduce your roof’s lifespan. The blisters can eventually break open, leaving your shingles exposed to the elements and causing them to deteriorate prematurely. As a result, your roofing might lose its ability to protect your home from water damage, leading to costly repairs or even a full roof replacement.

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