What Does Your Roofing Warranty Cover?

A warranty gives you peace of mind that the product you purchased is high quality and that the manufacturer stands behind it. Roofing warranties typically cover materials, while some also cover the installation work. In this post, the expert roofers at Sterling Exteriors discuss what typically goes into a good roofing warranty.

Roofing Warranty Cover

Manufacturer Warranties

Manufacturer warranties guarantee the materials against manufacturing defects over the course of their lifetime. The terms also assure the repair or replacement of the product, if necessary, within a specified period of time. However, manufacturers’ warranties can be voided if the materials were not installed properly by a professional or maintained adequately by the owner.

It is important to note that defects in the materials are relatively uncommon. Therefore, while manufacturers’ warranties offer a level of protection, they do not provide guarantee against more prevalent issues that lead to premature roof failure, namely poor installation, maintenance neglect or severe weather damage.

Installation Warranties

Installation warranties are offered by the contractor and typically offer more protection than a standard manufacturer’s warranty. However, these roofing warranties vary from contractor to contractor, and usually covering a period of two to five years. At Sterling Exteriors, a 10-year labor warranty is included in all our roofing projects, guaranteeing stellar workmanship and peace of mind for our customers.

What Warranties Don’t Cover

You may void your manufacturer’s warranty if you fail to perform regular maintenance on your roof, which includes routine inspections and cleaning. Workmanship warranties also typically exclude issues that are not related to the installation workmanship, such as water damage due to ice dams, storm and impact damage and leaks caused by wind-driven debris.

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