What Can You Expect From a Professional Roof Inspection?

With proper maintenance, your roof will offer better weather protection for longer. That is why it’s advisable to schedule an inspection from roofing professionals at least once a year and also after extreme weather events. Doing so allows you to catch minor issues before they worsen and cause costly damage. 

 Professional Roof Inspection

Keep reading to discover what usually happens during a professional roof inspection. 

Visual Inspection

One of the first things your roofing contractor will do when they arrive at your home is a visual or structural inspection. They will check if your roof is sagging or has uneven slopes. They’ll then check if your gutters, soffit and fascia are in good shape. They might also check if you have proper ventilation and if cracks or other damage are present on masonry chimneys. 

Material Inspection

Following visual inspection, your inspector will check the system for curling, missing or loose shingles. Expect them to look for stains, rust, moss and missing flashing. They will also check your gutters to see if significant shingle granule loss has occurred. Often, excessive shedding of these protective granules indicates your roof is reaching the end of its service life. 

Interior Inspection

Signs of roofing problems can be present both inside and outside of your home. That’s why your roofer will check your attic, ceilings and walls for signs of leaks, such as water stains, mold and rot. The presence of these issues means that water has already penetrated your living space. Make sure to address leaks immediately to avoid extensive water damage. 

Extend the life of your roof by scheduling regular inspections from dependable professionals. If your roofer discovers issues during their visit, be sure to deal with them immediately. At Sterling Exteriors, you can count on us for your roofing needs. Give us a call at (513) 685-8055 or fill out our contact form for a free no-obligation quote. We serve clients in Cincinnati, Loveland and Newton, OH.