Tips for Preventing Ice Dams on Metal Roofing Systems

Winter hasn’t officially started yet, but snow and below-freezing temperatures have already barreled through the Midwest. The frigid weather promotes the formation of ice dams, which can cause major damage to metal roofing systems that requires costly roof repair. Below are some tips to help prevent this issue.

Ensure Proper Roof Ventilation

Metal roofing systems require adequate ventilation all year round, but especially in winter. Ice dams form due to inconsistent roof temperatures, and one of the ways to eliminate this problem is to make sure every area of the roofing system, from the soffit to the ridge, has enough ventilation.

Add Insulation

Metal roofs must also have enough insulation. Not only does proper insulation ensure a warm interior when it’s cold outside, but it also helps minimize the risk of ice dam formation. Roofing and siding pros recommend attic and ceiling insulation that has an R-value of 38 or higher. For added protection against leaks, consider installing ice and water shields and a waterproof underlayment.

Prevent Air Leaks

Ice dams can form during winter when warm interior air passes through attic spaces, causing the temperature of the roof to rise. This causes snow that lands on the roof to melt, only to refreeze when it drips to the colder bottom portion of the roof. To stop this from occurring, seal the gaps on your ceiling openings. Pay attention to light fixtures, wiring and plumbing, as well. Apply caulk or insulation around them as needed.

Turn to the Pros

Trying to remove ice dams on your own can be dangerous. You don’t want to risk getting injured when climbing up to the roof in icy conditions. A much smarter plan is to schedule a roof maintenance check with your local roofing contractor.

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