The Perfect Roofing Material for Your Home’s Architectural Style

Predominant architectural styles for homes in the U.S. include Colonial, European, Spanish, Mediterranean Ranch and Key West. Each style has unique characteristics that make it stand out, and this includes the roof.  Choosing the right roofing material is key in preserving your home’s architectural authenticity.

The Perfect Roofing Material for Your Home’s Architectural Style

To help you choose from the wide assortment of roofing materials available, here’s a short guide on roofing materials and which architectural styles they suit the best.

Asphalt Roofing Tiles or Shingles

Versatile and available in many different designs, asphalt shingles can suit almost any architectural style. They are common in homes located in northern states, effectively protecting homes from extreme weather conditions.

Ceramic Tile Roofs

One of the oldest roofing materials, ceramic tiles come in various styles that will fit every homeowner’s wants. These tiles are perfect for Mediterranean-, Spanish- and Mission-style homes. They are also effective at keeping interiors cool.

Slate Roofing Tiles

Although expensive, slate roofing tiles add a touch of elegance perfect for Colonial- and European-style homes. Slate tiles are expensive, but with lifespan over 50 years, excellent fire-resistance and recyclability, most can consider them a worthy investment.

Wood Shakes and Shingles

Wood homes, particularly those near forests or mountains, look best when topped with a roof made of wood shakes or shingles. This kind of roofing material looks better as it ages, and can last for a long time if maintained properly.

Metal Roofing Tiles

Metal roofs are very durable and bring a host of benefits to homeowners. They are perfect for Key West homes, Lexington and Billerica-style homes, as well as homes exposed to extreme weather conditions.

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