Roof Installation: Protecting Your Exterior & Outdoor Spaces

Getting a new roof is a crucial part of home maintenance, but have you considered how to protect your beautiful garden and exterior during the installation? At Sterling Exteriors, we understand this is a significant concern that you should prepare for. After all, you’ve invested considerable time and effort into creating your outdoor oasis. 

Roof Installation: Protecting Your Exterior & Outdoor Spaces

In this post, we share tips on how you can shield your home exterior and outdoor spaces during roof installation.

Garden Safety During Roof Installation

During a roof installation, your garden can be vulnerable to damage from falling debris and work materials. However, with protective measures, you can keep them safe and pristine. Here’s how.

Cover and Shield Plants

The easiest way to protect your plants, flowers and vegetable beds is by covering them with a lightweight tarp or plastic sheet. Remember to remove the covering as soon as the day’s work ends to let the plants breathe.

Relocate Portable Plants

The advantage of potted plants is their movability. Temporarily transferring your potted flowers or herbs to a safer location can protect them from falling debris.

Construct Temporary Barriers

For larger gardens, homeowners can consider erecting temporary wooden or plastic barriers around their beds. This added layer limits the chances of stray materials landing in the garden.

Communicate With the Roofing Team

Inform your roofing team about your garden’s location so they can take extra measures when working close to these areas.

Protecting Your Home’s Exterior

Here are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of damage to your home’s exterior.

Protect Your Siding

Roof installation can damage your home’s siding, especially if debris falls. Placing a protective plywood sheet along the siding can minimize this risk.

Gear Up Windows

Keep your windows safe during roof installation by covering them with plywood or other durable materials to prevent damage from falling debris. Ensure they are securely sealed to keep out dust and debris. Proper protection helps maintain the integrity of your windows during roof work.

Secure Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces, like patios, gazebos, and outdoor kitchens, also face the risk of damage. Cover your outdoor furniture with tarps and relocate portable items to safer areas.

Cover Your Pathways and Driveways

Cover pathways, driveways and other hard surfaces with tarps or plastic sheets to protect against falling debris, stains or potential harm. This precaution ensures your hard surfaces remain intact during roof installation.

Clear the Perimeter

Before work begins each day, clear the perimeter of your home. This ensures there are no outdoor furniture, garden tools or toys lying around that might get damaged.

Clean Up After the Installation

After each day’s work, do a thorough clean-up of your premises. Remove any nails, sharp objects or other debris that may have been left behind.

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