Why Fall Is the Best Time to Install Siding

It’s no secret that summer is one of the most popular times of the year to invest in a wide variety of exterior renovations, especially in the Cincinnati area. While this may be true for a number of projects, siding in Hyde Park, OH, is actually best installed in the fall. From taking advantage of lower prices to ensuring your home is ready for winter, here are three main reasons fall is the ideal time to repair, replace, or install siding.

1. Take Advantage of Off-Peak Prices

Contractors typically tend to be busiest between the months of April and June. This occurs for several different reasons. First, many homeowners want their projects to be completed in time for summer. Next, the weather tends to be most cooperative during this time. While these are both great reasons to schedule your siding installation, they also come with a caveat. Because contractors are so busy, they often charge more during summer months to account for the heavy workload. You can avoid high-season prices by installing siding in the fall.

2. Be Prepared for Winter

Our area often experiences pleasant weather well into the fall, which is why projects like siding and windows in Cincinnati, OH, are great candidates for autumn installation. Scheduling your project at the beginning of the cooler months also ensures your home will be ready and running efficiently during winter. You will also enjoy a lower heating bill thanks to your investment.

3. Beat the Summer Heat

Fall is also a great time to repair, replace, or install siding because you do not have to worry as much about temperature fluctuations. When siding is added to an exterior in the summer months, contraction can be a concern. A severe drop in temperature can lead to cracking and splitting. Installing in the fall minimizes this risk.

For these reasons and more, don’t think twice about scheduling your autumn installation.