How Tile Roofs Resist Fire, Wind, Earthquakes and Hail

A tile roofing system can last for over a century when installed correctly and maintained properly. Tile roofs are considered eco-friendly since they’re made from natural minerals that can be pulverized and recycled after removal. Both clay and concrete tile roofs are known for their superior resistance to hail, wind, fire and earthquakes.

Find out how well tile roofs withstand the elements from a leading roof repair contractor.

Tile Roofing vs. Fire

During independent testing, tile roofing has demonstrated better fire resistance than wood shake and shingles. Tile roofing is designed to allow air to circulate under the tile, reducing heat transfer to the attic in the event of a fire. Also, tile roofing has the highest fire rating for both the material itself and the installed system. The Class A fire rating involves tests for flame spread, intermittent flame and burning brand.

Tile Roofing vs. Wind

Quality roofing and siding can protect your home against high winds. If you live in an area that experiences hurricanes or tornadoes, tile roofing is an excellent option. This material can resist severe storms and hurricane-force winds. It’s made to provide high air permeability, helping relieve wind stress.

Tile Roofing vs. Earthquakes

Independent testing has shown that tile roofs that are installed up to code standards can exceed current seismic load requirements for building materials. While you can’t prevent or predict earthquakes, emergency planning and proper building design can still help. Tile is the only roofing material that has been tested for seismic loading.

Tile vs. Hail 

Hail can cause damage to different parts of your home’s exterior, including the roof. Tile roofs are designed to withstand damage from hailstones larger than golf balls. They offer two layers of protection against the elements.

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