Hire the Right Roofer With This Useful Guide

Whether you need a simple roof repair or a full replacement, finding a roofer you trust to deliver excellent workmanship can be challenging. Hiring the right roofing contractor for your project is important.

In today’s post, we list a few key questions you should ask your prospective roofer as you vet them: 

1. Are You Licensed? – Roofers are required to have a license issued by a state agency. The contractor must demonstrate knowledge and adherence to building codes and proof of insurance when they apply for a license. This also helps homeowners quickly verify online or by phone that the contractor’s license is current.  It won’t take long to do proper research and see what’s required of roofing contractors in your area. If your contractor is cutting corners with their license, then they are likely to also cut corners elsewhere.

2. How Long Have You Been in Business? –Experience is also important when finding the right contractor. While everybody starts somewhere, your roofing project isn’t something that should be left to an amateur, even if their bid is significantly lower.

3. What’s the Physical Address of Your Company? – If you were just given a PO Box for an address, then it’s possible that the contractor isn’t legitimate. A contractor that’s “fussy” about neatness and detail will likely do a better job on your roof compared to a sloppy one. It’s worth driving by the business or home office of your prospective contractors so you can see for yourself how they keep their place neat and well-kept.

4. Do You Have Workers’ Comp and General Liability Insurance? – Even small business owners with employees are required by law to carry some form of workers’ compensation. If they don’t, it could put you in a serious position of liability. Workers’ compensation isn’t cheap, so some contractors will try to skimp on this legal requirement. Without workers’ comp, if an employee gets injured on your property, that employee could hire an attorney and sue you for their medical expenses.

If workers’ comp insurance covers employees, general liability insurance covers your property. For instance, let’s say that your roofing contractor’s equipment fell and ripped off your gutters. With general liability insurance, roofing contractors can always tap into their insurance company to pay for any accidental damage to your commercial property.

5. Can I Get a Written Estimate? – Roof replacement is a costly investment, and with the expense of every individual project being different, you’ll need to work together with your chosen contractor to discuss your budget in detail. Of course, size is a major factor, but there are other things that affect the price of your roofing project. This includes how complex your roof needs to be and any underlying roof damage that might not be evident from the exterior.

6. How Long Will the Repair or Replacement Take? – Understanding how long your roof repair will take to complete will help you in preparing for the project. The amount of time that goes into fixing a roof depends primarily on the scope of work that needs to be done. If you just need a simple fix, it shouldn’t take as long as a full replacement. There will be times when your trusted roofing contractor will be busy. This usually means they’re working on other roofing projects, so keep this in mind as soon as your prospective roofer responds to your inquiries.

7. How Will My Property Be Secured? – Roof replacement is a messy, disruptive project, so you should ask your roofer how they plan to secure your property and protect it from damage. For instance, how will they get off and on your roof without damaging your surroundings? Having stabilizers maintains the weight off of your gutters, but you could end up with a ruined gutter system and a damaged roofing system if they’re not used properly. Your landscape is also a crucial matter to consider. Knowing where the roofers will store their gear, where things may get lost or dropped, and how they’ll deal with unexpected situations can also determine your choice of contractor. This is especially important when you spent a great deal of money in your home’s landscape. If your company is unable to tell you in detail how they’re going to protect your property, it’s best to move on to a different one.

Useful Tips to Remember

When you’re shortlisting potential roofers for your project, call up their references and ask whether they recommend using the contractor, if the crew respected their property and cleaned up thoroughly and if the final cost was the price quoted. You can also check out helpful reviews of some roofing contractors when looking them up on Google and the Better Business Bureau.

Ask your references if the crew started on schedule. If they weren’t on time, ask how many days or weeks the delay was, as well as the reasons behind it. A delay of more than two weeks isn’t acceptable unless there was unusually bad weather in the area. Some roofers may often have a habit of scheduling jobs on start dates they know they can’t meet just so they can secure the work.

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