Familiarizing Your Roof: All About the Basic Components

As a homeowner, it pays that you understand more than just the visible part of your roofing system. Having a firm grasp of how every component works not only makes dealing with damage easier, but it also helps you make informed decisions as well. It’s one of your significant investments, after all, which is why it’s important that you make the most of it. Sterling Exteriors, your trusted roofing contractor, discusses some of the basic parts of the roof:

All About the Basic Components


This refers to any waterproof material used to steer water away from problematic areas of the roof, like the hips and valleys. Sheet metal flashing is the most durable choice, but it usually comes with a high price tag. Meanwhile, plastic flashing is a more economical option, but it can deteriorate with direct sunlight if its parts are exposed.

Shingles or Tiles

The shingles or tiles cover the outermost part of your roof. They grace most homes in the country today because they’re readily available and easy to install. Other materials include metal, slate, and wood shake. As a GAF-certified roofing contractor, we install durable and beautiful shingles from the brand. You can count on us to recommend the right one for your needs.


This refers to the water-resistant membrane installed on the deck of your roof. Traditionally, it’s a black felt paper coated with asphalt so the shingles can easily adhere to it. This serves as your roof’s second layer of protection against water infiltration while allowing the deck to breathe and alleviate moisture inside your home.

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