Choosing a Dark Siding Color: What You Need to Know

Rich, dark-colored siding is fast becoming a preferred choice over muted, neutral colors. This option can give your home a dramatic look, but you need to take into account certain things if you are considering this option.

Sterling Exteriors, home of your local roof repair and exterior home improvement pros, discusses what you need to know about dark siding colors.

First Things First

Dark colors absorb more solar energy than lighter ones. This is why it’s uncomfortable to wear black on a hot summer day. For the same reason, many homeowners prefer light roofing and siding colors–lighter tones lead to a cooler home and reduced energy consumption. Fortunately, technological advances have made it possible to create dark siding colors that still offer excellent energy efficiency, giving homeowners much more flexibility when it comes to design.

Siding Material Choices

Painting existing vinyl siding is possible as long as the right kind of paint is used. For one, it must have a light-reflecting value (LRV) of 55 or greater. Also, the paint color must not be darker than the vinyl’s original color.

Fiber cement siding, meanwhile, comes in standard factory colors that don’t lean towards the dark side of the color spectrum. Fortunately, it can be painted with dark colors like vinyl. James Hardie® siding, in fact, is available primed and ready for field painting. When exposed to the sun’s heat, the material won’t swell or rot, which means that paint won’t peel, chip or crack.

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