Can You Slow Down the Effects of Aging on Asphalt Shingles?

Aging affects nearly everything in the world around us, including asphalt shingles on our roofs in Cincinnati, OH. Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roof material used for residential homes because they can be relatively inexpensive, look good when new, and last a long time with proper care and maintenance.  

Can You Slow Down the Effects of Aging on Asphalt Shingles?

Effects of Aging on Asphalt Shingles

The sun, rain, and other elements take their toll on your roofing in Cincinnati, OH. As the shingles age, they can show signs of wear, such as cracking, curling and fading. Cracking happens when the heat from the sun dries out and breaks down the asphalt material from which it is made up of. Curling occurs when corners or edges of shingles start to curl under due to high temperatures weakening them over time. Fading generally refers to a loss of color throughout multiple shingle pieces that are exposed directly to harsh weather conditions formed by damaging UV rays coming from sunlight exposure for long periods of time. 

Ways to Slow Down the Effects of Aging on Asphalt Shingles

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to slow down the effects of aging on asphalt shingles. Regular roof maintenance is essential for keeping your roofing system in L, OH, in good condition and should be done annually or biannually after heavy storms. Proper installation includes making sure your flashing and nails are correctly placed for a secure fit throughout the entire roof area. 

Another important element is using quality materials when installing new shingles, such as quality underlayment and UV-resistant materials that can help give more protection against weather-related damages. Proper ventilation on the roof will also help reduce sunlight heats from building up inside areas that lack air circulation.

If you are in need of any roof-related services in the Cincinnati area or if you think your asphalt shingles may be showing signs of aging, contact Sterling Exteriors. Send us a message online or call (513) 685-8055 today so that we can discuss how we can help keep your roofing system in Newtown, Cincinnati and Loveland, OH, and surrounding areas, better protected against damage caused by wear and tear from years of exposure.