A Quick Guide on Roof Fire Ratings

Aside from material, color and style, fire rating is an essential thing to consider when getting a new roof. There are four classifications of roof fire ratings, which are Class A, Class B, Class C, and unrated. It is essential to understand what these ratings are when selecting roofing materials. 

roof fire resistance

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Class A 

The highest fire rating for roofs is Class A. For a roof to obtain this rating, it must be able to withstand extreme fire exposure. 

Class A roofing is the most recommended by roof repair and installation experts. It is ideal for areas prone to wildfires. Some of the most common roofing materials with a Class A rating include clay tiles, slate, concrete tiles, and asphalt glass fiber composition shingles. These materials usually last two to four hours before ignition. 

Class B

Class B roofing works well against moderate fire exposure. Popular Class B roofing includes pressure-treated shakes and shingles. Class B roofing materials typically last an hour before they ignite. 

Class C

You can only get light fire protection from Class C roofing. It will only last 20 minutes before ignition. Popular Class C building materials include untreated wood shakes and shingles, plywood, and particleboard. These materials are not ideal for roof covering. 


Roofing materials that did not even pass the requirements for the Class C rating are considered unrated. They provide little to no fire resistance and should be avoided by homeowners. Building codes also usually do not permit the use of unrated building materials. 

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