A Primer on Commercial Roofing Warranties

Your commercial roof plays a crucial role in keeping your building protected from elements. But since it is also a notable investment, it is only proper to think about your roofing warranties as financial assets. In this article, roof and siding company Sterling Exteriors shares a brief guide on commercial roofing warranties.

commercial roof warranties
  • Manufacturer’s No Dollar Limit (NDL) Warranty. This states that the manufacturer is responsible for covering its faulty products or failure of its products under proper usage in the course of the warranty period. It is a top-of-the-line warranty and often requires an additional fee.
  • Manufacturer’s Materials Warranty. This serves as a guarantee that the products will not fail within a period of time, such as 10 years or 20 years, for example. Certain forms of defective workmanship may also be covered, but this depends on the specific manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer’s Labor and Material Warranty. This provides coverage for defects in materials and labor but only up to a certain dollar limit. It is commonly prorated, so the coverage amount for the repair or replacement of faulty products declines over time, according to roof repair experts.
  • Manufacturer’s Roof System Warranty. Referred to as a “membrane only” warranty, this warranty is not comprehensive and does not provide coverage for insulation or decking problems. It is the most basic warranty a manufacturer can offer.
  • Roofing Contractor Warranties. With the roofing contractor warranty, it is the workmanship that is covered. It specifically covers the work performed to install the products from the manufacturer as well as the products the contractor uses to complete the roofing installation. Most warranties in this category do not exceed five years.

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