5 Red Flags That Say a Roofer Isn’t the Best Choice

When you’re getting a roof repair or replacement project done, it’s never recommended that you attempt to do the job on your own, especially if you’re inexperienced in repairing or replacing roofs, to begin with. Otherwise, you’ll not only put yourself at the risk of injury but you might also make a few mistakes that are costly to rectify. As such, it’s highly recommended that you hire a roofer to get the job done instead.

However, according to roofing industry experts, you shouldn’t hire the first person you find on the Internet. Instead, you should properly interview or vet your contractors and watch out for a few telltale signs that say they aren’t the right choice for the job. But what exactly are these signs that you need to look out for?

In this article, the roofing and siding pros of Sterling Exteriors list the five red flags that say a roofing company isn’t the best choice for you and your home.

roof replacement contractor
  1. They Want You to Pay Upfront – When you hire a roofing company to help you repair or replace your roof, most say that their clients can pay them once the job is done or request a downpayment that’s 15% to 20% of the project cost’s total, with the rest to follow upon the completion of the job. If you run into a roofing company that practices this, then it’s likely that they’re a legitimate roofer who knows what they’re doing. 

However, according to outdoor living professionals, some less than reputable roofers would do the opposite and ask you to pay in full before they even start the project. If a contractor asks you to do this, take it as a sign that they’re not the best person for the job as it’s possible they intend to take the money after doing incredibly subpar work on your roof or even without doing any work at all. Some, on the other hand, may be using your project funds to pay off other debts from previous projects instead. If you really are dealing with a legitimate roofer, they should have some leftover funds from their previous project so they wouldn’t have to rely on your money to see the job through.

  1. They’re Vague With the Details – Details are everything to a roofing project, especially since it costs a significant amount to pull off, and as such, you’ll want to confirm every small, possible detail with your contractor. This includes their best practices as well as their previous job performance. To ensure that they’re legit, you can ask them for a list of references from previous, recent clients, ask them to take you on a tour of their current projects personally, and get a detailed estimate for your roofing project. If they outright refuse to do any of these three or are incredibly vague with such details, part ways with their company immediately and find a different person for the job as this is a sign that they’re not the right contractors to entrust your project to.
  1. They Refuse to Show Documentation – Similar to siding projects when hiring a roofing contractor to help you repair or replace your roof, always make it a point to ask them for important documents like licenses or insurance information and when you do, they should be able to provide it immediately. This is because a license proves that a contractor knows your local building codes and is authorized to work in your state while insurance frees you from responsibility should any of their crew members sustain injuries while working within your property. If you make the mistake of hiring someone without any of these documents, you could land yourself in heaps of trouble. With that in mind, if they refuse to show you any of these documents, it’s possible that they don’t have them to begin with and as such, it’s best that you hire somebody else for the job instead.

To make your search for a reputable and trustworthy contractor easier, don’t hesitate to approach the roofing experts of Sterling Exteriors to handle your roofing needs for you.

  1. They Use High Pressure Sales Tactics – Another red flag that you need to look out for when picking a roof repair contractor is the use of high-pressure sales tactics. Often, this is characterized by contractors saying that they’re “temporarily” offering a low rate on their services and that it’ll be gone within a few day’s time, pushing you to make a decision immediately. Apart from that, some will also badmouth the competition and their practices instead of focusing on the strength of their own service. If your potential roofing contractor does this, don’t hesitate to refuse their services and hire a different person to get the job done instead.
  1. Your Work Style Clashes With Theirs – Finally, if your personal work style doesn’t mesh well with your potential contractor’s, take this as a sign that they’re not the right roofer for you as chances are conflict will arise as the project goes on. If you have any pets or children living with you, make it a point to ask your contractor if they’re comfortable working in an environment where they’re present. Afterward, ask them if they’ve worked in households similar to yours and how they went before speaking to the previous client about the contractor’s style. If they refuse to come to an agreeable accord with you regarding your pets or children, then they aren’t the right fit for you and you might want to find a contractor who can better work with you instead.

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