5 Questions to Ask Roofer References

Choosing the right roofer for your home improvement project doesn’t have to be daunting. Discover the right questions you need to ask to ensure you’re hiring a reliable professional. A trusted contractor for roofing and siding in Newtown shares five of them here.

5 Questions to Ask Roofer References

1. Were You Satisfied With the Quality of Their Work?

Ask the references about their satisfaction level with the completed roofing project, as well as any specific examples of the roofer’s quality of workmanship. You can also find helpful testimonials in company reviews on leading websites for more information.

2. Did the Roofer Complete the Project on Time and Within Budget?

Assessing the roofer’s ability to stick to a timeline and manage costs is essential. Ask about the project’s completion according to the agreed-upon schedule and if the final price stayed within the initial budget.

3. How Was the Roofer’s Communication Throughout the Project?

Ask the reference how well the roof repair and replacement contractor communicated throughout the project. This includes providing regular updates and being easy to contact through SMS or email. It is best to consider any misunderstandings or miscommunications and how the roofer ultimately resolved them.

4. Did the Roofer Clean Up After They Completed the Project?

Responsible roofers should leave a property clean and safe after completing work. Ask the reference about the state of the property post-construction to gauge their commitment to diligence and customer service.

5. Would You Hire This Roofer Again or Recommend Them to Others?

Finally, ask the reference if they would consider hiring this roofer again and why. This straightforward information can provide valuable insight into the overall experience of working with this professional.

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