5 Lies Bad Roofers Tell Their Customers

Replacing a roof is extremely stressful and trying to vet a roof repair company to do the job can be overwhelming. While there are many reputable roofing companies you can trust the job to, there are also roofers who are willing to lie just to take your money. To help protect you, we share the biggest lies that shady roofing contractors would want you to believe. 

Lies Bad Roofers Tell Their Customers

Lie #1: “We Use Top-of-the-Line Roofing Products”

Some roofers supplement the appropriate materials and components for your roof repair or replacement with substandard ones. See to it that the estimate they provide you includes a list of each material to be used for the project, complete with the quantity and brand.

Lie #2: “Our Warranty Covers Everything”

A warranty’s coverage always has limits. For instance, labor warranties, as the name suggests, will only cover the labor. To learn what the limits of the warranty coverage are, ask the roofer to show you the warranty agreement. 

Lie #3: “I’m Doing a Job in the Neighborhood”

If a contractor comes up to your doorstep offering roofing services and says that the company is doing work in your neighborhood, ask where or for whom to verify. Reputable roofing and siding contractor will have business cards and probably a company vehicle. To be sure, look up the company name on the Internet to see if they are legitimate. Ideally, it’d be better to call the contractor yourself for an inspection.

Lie #4: “All of Our Crews Are Qualified Roofers”

Normally, the roofing crew will consist of a couple of qualified roofers and mostly general laborers. This can result in an unorganized and slow-paced project riddled with mistakes. Not only is it important to ensure the crew is filled with experienced roofing professionals, but also installers that are certified to install the specific brand or product that is being used.

Lie #5: “Our Price Is All-Inclusive”

Some companies will offer an extremely low bid in order to attract customers. Once they are committed, they will inform the homeowner that the initial price was only for a basic package. To avoid this, make sure to have a contract that details the estimate of material cost, labor cost and disposal cost.

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