4 Ways to Boost In-Home Efficiency

When most homeowners think of improving energy efficiency around the home, they are quick to think of fixes like using ceiling fans and opening windows instead of running the air conditioner around the clock. While healthy ventilation is absolutely crucial in reducing energy dependency, there are also several ways in which our exteriors contribute to overall efficiency.

If you want to reduce your cooling bill, consider investing in these four repairs.

  1. Fix That Leak: Roofing plays a large role in energy usage around the house. When a roof is in excellent condition, it provides exceptional insulation. When it is leaking or damaged, however, it can do little to prevent outside air from coming inside. If you know you have a leak but have been putting off fixing it, you could be to blame for your high energy bill. Bring it back down by scheduling a roof repair in Cincinnati, OH.
  2. Repair or Replace Old Siding: After roofing, siding in Mason, OH, is the next best defense against unnecessary energy usage. Siding not only provides a hardy layer of insulation, but also protects our homes from damage during a storm. If it is too old or dilapidated, however, your air conditioner will have to compensate for the loss in insulation.
  3. Upgrade to Metal Roofing: If you are serious about fighting inefficiency and have room in the budget for a major upgrade, look no further than metal roofing in Hyde Park, OH. Unlike other materials, a metal roof offers advanced reflective properties. Instead of absorbing heat, like asphalt shingles, the surface of a metal roof stays cool.
  4. Install New Windows: Lastly, old windows can also be energy drains. They simply do not provide as tight of a seal as newer models. They also let UV rays and heat into our homes, forcing our air conditioners to work harder. New windows reduce both of these problems.

These are just four of the best ways to boost efficiency around the house. To learn more, contact the top roofing company in the Cincinnati, OH area.